Flowers – indispensable for any celebration, but the Easter decor themed bouquets designed by professional florists as it is impossible more by the way. Bright holiday of the resurrection of Christ for many centuries throughout the world necessarily accompanied by a General Easter attribute – fresh flowers. Them for centuries believers decorate the temples, housing, and Banquet tables. The fact that the Easter flowers in the bouquets represent not that other, as a resurgent life. A sought-after attribute of the day of Resurrection appear and wreaths, as symbolic elements of the eternal being.

Professionally made festive flower arrangements for Easter, are able to form a spring, especially a joyful atmosphere. Therefore, for a Bright Sunday in advance to buy flowers in a box or flowers for a gift to order (Kyiv) in the cabin “Petals” – the best decision. Specify that the capital´s flower shop today running and professional delivery of flowers (Kyiv Osokorki and other residential areas+suburb). And, without exception, the thematic flower arrangements for Easter are delivered to customers from an online store “Petals” absolutely free (this is true for all the bouquets, the cost of which exceeds UAH 400). Flower delivery (Osokorki and other areas) can be performed at the exact time, but then for such a service will have to pay a little extra.

On the virtual showcase “Petals” presents a variety of flower arrangements for Easter. You can select with a base of radiant daffodils (the informal name of flowers with double core, recall, «Easter bells” or “Easter lilies"). One hundred years ago in our area icons and the Easter table is decorated mostly in these colors. Today, however, flowers in a gift book offers Kyiv in anticipation of the Bright Holiday, in a very wide range…

Songs are available with the inclusion of delicate anemone, mixed hyacinths, tulips, crocuses, elegant lilies or red roses noble finally Sunny chrysanthemums or sweet buttercups. The range of colors used by professionals for these festive bouquets, very wide, because the status of Easter flowers today have very many plants. First of all, it concerns those that bloom in this period in nature. Easter compositions believers especially welcome Sunny spring primroses and kaluzhnitsa marsh, white anemone Asherah and azure bees, as well as many other beautiful plants with magical flavor. Traditionally used in such solemn bouquets and noble, artificially bred flowers. Talking about the variety of Bush roses, exquisite eustoma, Golden chrysanthemums. Buy flowers in these box types also can be safely.

What color scheme to choose, choosing a bouquet for decoration of the Easter table? Today there are no limitations. However, traditionally, it is customary to choose for this holiday Sunny, bright shades and don´t shy away from greens. Must be a lot. The flowers of red tones in the songs are symbols of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, white – represent Holiness, yellow – a divine revelation.

the Solemnity of the event perfectly accentuate and spring a simple and accessible songs ("happy Easter”, “With the bright feast”, “Round bouquet of daffodils decorated”, etc.), and more sophisticated fine-scale options (‘Easter basket”, “Big box with flowers and toy”, “Basket «Easter Bunny", etc.). All of them are designed by professional florists Metropolitan salon “Petals”, will be a great Easter decoration and balconies, and terraces, and of course the Easter table.


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