In the online store « Lepestki » a section called « New » ;. Now you do not need to look for trendy peonies in a box or new-fangled toys from fresh flowers in themed sections. Marketers of the enterprise made sure that everything new that is introduced into the assortment, whether it be a simple composition with tulips or an exclusive growth flower toy, appeared immediately on the virtual showcase «Lepestki » ;, and in the « Novelties » section, and in the corresponding thematic subsections.

Of course, « New » focused on those buyers who are interested in the most trending and relevant positions. For example, almost all year round, a heart of roses remains in demand by lovers. Because the florists of the salon «Lepestki » Do not get tired to develop more and more new variations of such compositions. May, for example, was marked by the presentation of a gorgeous heart of 39 blue roses. The magical mono-bouquet of the color of heavenly spring blue looks extremely luxurious and immediately found its customers.

The composition in the heart called & laquo; Diamond & raquo; was also a popular variation on this subject. Roses predominate in the combined bouquet, and exquisite orchids and varietal tulips, eustomas and twigs of fragrant lavender emphasize their perfection. The heart in this composition & ndash; This is an elegant oasis box bag. The latter, filled with a special composition, ensures that a luxurious heart of roses, orchids, eustomas and tulips surrounded by lavender and pistachios will delight the recipient for as long as possible.

If necessary, something even more impressive for a romantic meeting, we recommend a composition called « Confession » ;. In this case, the customer chooses not one, but immediately 4 boxes in the shape of a heart, filled with flawless Dutch buds. Moreover, each of them represents roses of a different shade and aroma. Believe in such a recognition, believe me, is impossible.

Peonies in a box are no less popular with store customers. These flowers are ordered by both lovers and traditional, professional holidays. Especially luxurious is the “151 peonies in a box” that is chosen for special occasions.

The laconic composition with peonies in a box with a living butterfly looks not so large-scale, but no less representative. In this case, not one, but 2 whole boxes will arrive to the customer. In a special transparent container, the store’s delivery service « Lepestki » will bring, and varietal peonies in a hat traditional box, and a living butterfly.

There are peonies in many prefabricated bouquets of the & laquo; Novelties & raquo; section. In « Sea of ​​emotions », for example, these flowers are harmoniously combined with peony roses, eustomas, hydrangeas, freesias, matiolla.

Constantly appear in the « News & raquo; and toys from fresh flowers, because such cute compositions are mega-demanded. The most impressive of them – « Fresh flower unicorn » ;. If an important date is planned, it is worth considering this option as the main gift. A romantic person is guaranteed to appreciate such a choice. If you need a flower present for a sweet tooth, pay attention to the mega-format box « Give joy » with a selection of exquisite sweets combined with Dutch varietal roses.

Well, of course, they are constantly updated in the & laquo; New & raquo; bouquets of seasonal flowers. At the moment, these are tulips and daffodils, hyacinths, mimosa, lilac. Do you choose « Bouquet of ranunculus and lilac » or « Hat box with a ball » ;, « Box with a ball » or « « 501 a tulip in a box » » ;, a spring joyful mood is guaranteed for you and the hero of the occasion. The last composition with tulips, we will clarify, is perfect for romantic recognition.


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